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Superb Chokwe Comb


Superb Chokwe comb from Angola.

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Product Description

Item: #5587

Tribe: Chokwe

Country: Angola.

Material: Wood, pigment.

Size: 9.5″ (24.1 cm) Tall | 11.9″ (30.2 cm) on stand.

Condition: Good

Provenance: Private Estate Collection – California, USA

Carved wooden combs are a specialized art form among the West African peoples. This wooden comb is attributed to the Chokwe of Angola. While some might be used to hold a woman’s hair during styling, most were intended solely as gifts to mark a special occasion in a woman’s life. In many African societies, ancient and modern, the hair comb symbolises status, group affiliation, and religious beliefs, and is encoded with ritual properties. The handles of combs are decorated with objects of status, such as the headrest, human figures, and motifs that reference nature and the traditional spiritual world.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 6 in