Product Description

Item: #1642

Ethnic Group: Hima

Country: Uganda

Material: Wood, Twine.

Size: 9″ (23 cm) Tall

The Hima a sub-group of the Nkole, are said to be the descendants of pastoralists who migrated into the region from the northeast. The Hima used containers like these for the storage of milk. The Hima tribe views their women almost like they view their cattle; an abundance of large healthy cattle as well as a large wife symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Brides-to-be will live in a separate village in a small hut (fattening hut) where the bride merely eats, drinks sleeps. Containers of whole milk are kept in the hut and the bride-to-be must drink a certain amount of milk each day. The sole purpose of the women to live in these huts is to gain body fat. The women will stay in these huts for months and gain an unhealthy amount of weight.