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Dinka Snuff Container


Dinka snuff container from Kenya/Sudan.

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Product Description

Item: #1694

Tribe: Dinka

Country: Kenya/Sudan

Material: Horn, beads.

Size: 6″ (15.2 cm) Tall

Condition: Excellent

Tobacco was brought from the Americas to Africa in the 17th century by the Portuguese and Dutch. Gradually, it spread along caravan trade routes, and soon it was planted. Tobacco was smoked, snuffed, and chewed. The tobacco snuff was often mixed with ashes of other plants, minerals, and animal fats. This intense mixture was taken rapidly to induce intoxication. While it may be a personal pastime for some, tobacco in Africa is widely associated with public ceremonies, social etiquette, and the recognition of rank differences. For example, it may be used in greeting or as part of wedding ceremonies. Practices vary, but in some groups, both men and women partake of tobacco.
These snuff boxes and pipes, made of many different materials and forms, are objects of great elaboration and ornamentation. Often carried on the person, they may be tucked into the hair or clothing, or worn on a string or thong around the neck, wrist, hair, or even through the ear lobe.

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Dimensions 16 x 12 x 12 in