African Art Marketplace

The only African Art website you need to go to.

Finally a true marketplace for only African art products, a place where African art vendors can offer their products for sale to a captive audience of African art collectors as well as a place where those collectors can browse through many collections in one place.

It has been a long time coming and planning has been intense, however we are finally live with the African art selling platform, African Art Marketplace,  that allows African art vendors to have a web presence where there collectors will go to look.  Open up a simple vendor store where your items are listed for sale, of list your items in the African art auction section and see what they might be able to get in an open market.

Another exciting feature that has been added it the reverse auction platform that allow African art looking for items to post images as well as whet they are willing to pay and leave it up to the dealers to fight to get your business.

New and exciting stuff still to come, whether you are a vendor or a collector, you finally have a place where you will be able to sell/buy without having to look through tons of unrelated items.